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What’s the point of being brilliant if you’re not enlightening anyone?

Africa is packed with Brilliance and the World needs know!

In a nutshell, Sista Tweet is your platform on everything Africanity. Whether you are candid, curious or a connoisseur, this is the blog for everyone.

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Brilliance is all over the African continent and it seems like there is not enough oxygen to grow that light.
Sista Tweet’s mission: to be a window featuring the richness of African identities, to shine the spotlight on the amazing things that stem from its diverse cultures.
If you watch “the View”, see this as the view of three educated, intelligent African Sistas on feeling, seeing, tasting, hearing, breathing, living Africanity in modern life.
It’s an attempt to remind us constantly of the gems of our traditions and the possibilities they hold. A platform to share the common wealth of our culture, values, tools and know-how through the eyes of the African Woman, through the words of a Sista.

In short, Sista Tweet is your local junction for getting your daily fix on the motherland’s tips, tricks, tools and take on modernity through the lense of tradition in this global village.

On top of receiving exclusive members only content, stay on top of Africanity.

The Sistas will post weekly videos and articles about:

  • Food ! – we know we love our African food. Whether it’s traditional or fusion we have it ready to be served

  • Tips and tricks to pump up your daily grind and get more living out of your life;

  • Looking “on point” at all times. Whether it’s fashion, hair-do’s or home decor you can count on us;

  • Traveling and finding your way around the world without cramping your African style

  • Traditional secrets and indigenous remedies that will change your life;

And much more…

Curious, Candid or Connoisseur, Sista Tweet is the blog for everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of culture or just a fan of the motherland looking to discover more, understand more, speak out or pick up great ideas on marrying modernity with ancestral values, join the Sista Tweet Community, we’ve got you covered.

Become part of an exclusive circle of like-minded people and feed your knowledge base with the facts, the views and the know-how on modern African Living.

Join the conversation, we like to hear from you so feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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Kebina | The Maninka Sista
Kebina | The Maninka SistaCo-founder, Finance Coordinator, Social Media & Marketing Manager
Hello you, this is Kebina, your Maninka Sista. A west African woman of… well… Maninka descent (also known as Mandingo). I am a very passionate being, ever seeking new thrills, always eager to jump into new adventures, maybe to give more meaning to my small existence, or to quench my thirst for infinite, never-ending knowledge.

As many ancient Africans before me, I essentially see life as a continuous self-improvement process up to a state of spiritual wisdom. And I love being around forward-thinking, ambitious, good-hearted, and hard-working individuals.

This blog gives me a chance to share my skills and insights on African cultures and peoples, especially how we who live in the West tackle the ancestral heritage that was passed on to us. How is africanity challenged, or redefined, when living outside the motherland ? Maybe by interacting with you all, no matter your age, race, or gender, we will together find fascinating answers to these questionings which inevitably arise for so many of us flying birds.

Nomad | The Ndebele Sista
Nomad | The Ndebele SistaCo-founder, External Relations Manager and Strategic Thinker
I’m Nomad, of Mossi ancestry. That is, due to the patriarchal nature of my background. However, let’s make this a little more interesting. My grandmother was Bissa, and I have long lived in the Rainbow Nation, a land dear to my heart – I’m Ndebele Sista, nice to meet you!

I’ve always had a strong interest in the way we are shaped by History and Culture. Culture, from languages to food, upbringing, tradition and values. Languages fascinate me, and trying new foods and flavors is one of my hobbies.

Apart from discovering, it’s also important to me to show the world how rich, resourceful and diverse the African continent and its people are. With all the above, it only makes sense that travelling is another one of passions: isn’t that the best way to experiment and share at the same time?

I hope you’ll enjoy our little stories, and like a good African house our policy is “our door is always open!” Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you including tips and things we think are cool, make yourself comfortable on our blog!

Kiswend | The Yoruba Sista
Kiswend | The Yoruba SistaCo-founder, Designer and Creative Manager
Greetings! I’m Kiswend. Of Mossi descent, I’ve been told countless times to have physical traits of one of the largest people in the African continent, the blood of a tribe that flows through my son’s veins; you may call me the Yoruba “sista”.

Who am I? A Dreamer. I love to dream outside the box and I live to dream big, believing anything is possible and finding the path to get there. I don’t take life too seriously because, well, life doesn’t take me that seriously – we all know in the end, no matter what we do, it will dump us anyway.

My interest: experimenting African cultures through arts, cuisines and ancestral knowledge, ever so attempting to innovate them; allow them to evolve with me in time, so as to find greatness in the unicity of my experiences.

Welcome! We hope you feel at home and find a space to share with us.

Some of our most popular work

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